Monday, March 12, 2007

claricear é bom e preciso...

image: clarice lispector

"não se pode fazer arte só porque se tem um temperamento infeliz e doidinho."
clarice lispector - em carta a fernando sabino, de 19 de junho de 1946.

"one cannot do art only because of their unhappy and crazy temperament."
excerpt of clarice lispector's letter to fernando sabino (both brazilian writers), in june 19th, 1946*.


Fleming said...

That statement is priceless. It sums up so much that is wrong with self-styled writers and artists who rely on their craziness rather than their works for whatever reputation they can create.

I think Thomas Mann expressed the idea that there is always something wrong with a true artist, some form of sickness that makes the good writer see the world differently from "normal, healthy people". That may be true, but being sick or crazy certainly does not guarantee artistic ability!

joice said...

yes, Fleming, no guarantee at all. althought these are often "good" things people often start from..

but the real thing about playing with words is actually a lot of work! or, as the same clarice lispector once i remember, it was something like: "let's be honest: we only reach simplicity through a lot of work."