Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one million blogs for peace

the idea of the moviment is to sign up, untill 20 march 2008, one million blogs for peace. by signing up, bloggers are stating their agreement with the immediate withdrawal of all foreign combat troops from Iraq.

the moviment has also its own blog - one million of blogs for peace blog.

their website had its start yesterday with 217 Inblogurals, representing 28 countries -so i am a bit late to post about this, sorry! but it still in time to join in. here you can see the blogs rol, at this moment there are 229 blogs already.


Láldert Castello Branco said...

Obrigado pelo toque. Já corrigi o link da reportagem e agreguei outro link: a entrevista de Barbara Walters com Chávez, transmitida pela Rede ABC, em inglês.

Legal o post sobre os blogs pela paz. Vou lá.

Um abraço


joice said...


Fleming said...

Joice, thank you. As soon as I leave IMPLICANTE I am going to enroll my blog for peace.

joice said...

welcome, Fleming! : )