Saturday, April 21, 2007

a murderer or a hero? / assassino ou herói?

think about it. and enjoy your weekend, if you can.

- e se cho seung-hui houvesse juntado-se aos marines americanos e todas as suas vítimas fossem iraquianas?!
- ele seria considerado um assassino ou um herói?

pense nisso. e divirta-se no final-de-semana, se puder.


Joan said...

I'm afraid he'd be a hero...and a very good one.

joice said...

Yeah, Joan, just like all their other gunmen heroes. they have a whole army of CHOs killing in Iraq and other places everyday, but other people lives just don't matter for them, they are just empty numbers on their colorful newspapers.

Joan said...

yes, they feel sorry for their victims and don't mind other countries'

Fleming said...

The cartoon makes the point very well. The distinction between "evil" murder, and "heroic" killing in something labeled "war", is ridiculous. We are afflicted by that kind of non-reasoning all the time! If uniformed Israelis kill people from a helicopter they are "fighting terror", but if a Palestinian on foot kills Israelis it is "terrorism".