Wednesday, May 02, 2007

map of online communities

via xkcd


Aaron A. said...

Sadly I think most American teens can find their way around this map, but would be lost in the world map.

(my appologies for any bad translations)

Tristemente penso bem Americano adolescente pode achar seu meio ao redor deste mapa, mas seria perdido no mapa mundial.

(meu appologies para qualquer traduções más)

joice said...

exactly! it is interesting because that was actually my first thought when I saw this map.. I think it reminded me of a video where some north-american people just could not identify places in a world map.

although this internet communitites map also gives me a good feeling because of this great possibility of being in touch with people from other places, with different perspectives about life and world. i think somehow it can be healthy and helpful for us to be more aware of other possibilities and circumstances and so maybe this way we can become more tolerant and openminded and aware of others and ourselves.

thank you, Aaron. it is nice to see you here again.

Tondo Rotondo said...

Where am I? Where is my space?

joice said...

aqui, Tondo :)